exceptional web designWhen we first got online back in the early 90’s the web didn’t even exist. Black screen, white text. No WWW. A true nerds paradise!
But the world caught on and things have come a long way – we’ve gone from a time when only colleges had computers; people were afraid to type their names into a box on the screen to a time when folks will ask Alexa what their SSN is when they forget.

These days websites are as prolific and necessary to establishing yourself as a reputable source as business cards and yellowpage ads were years ago! If you’re business isn’t online, it just doesn’t exist. That being the case having a website that you can control is one of the most powerful ways to claim your share of your industry as well as dominate your local market – and space is getting crowed!

Whether you’re wanting to overhaul your old website or build something new from the ground up PICKWICK has the skills and experience to make it happen!

More than just cookie cutter web design: we offer mobile friendly, fully optimized sites of all complexity levels – from simple one page launch sites to get you off the ground fast, to huge multi-page e-commerce stores – quality web design is the key to your company’s online success.