web developmentWhen you work with Pickwick you’re working with experienced developers, not just sales people. Our motivation comes from wanting to provide a solution that works for our clients, not from the desire to pad our pockets at their expense – that’s not how you keep your good name.

Web development is only one of the digital business services we provide.

While it is certainly a field in which our skills excel, it would be a disservice to limit our offerings to just plug and play web design. The knowledge of code we possess and its best implementation leverages a long history in digital marketing to gain stunning results.

Pickwick preaches strongly that the best website is the one you promote the most. You can have the fanciest, most expensive website in the world and not make a single sale if no one knows it exists. That is why we go beyond simply selling you a website and calling it good enough.

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Pickwick doesn’t just sell websites – we take a look at the overall picture of your digital presence and how we help you paint it for a brighter tomorrow.

Digital Services Include:

Business Consulting
Marketing Consulting
Web Development
Graphic Design for Print and Web
Database Design
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Consulting
Search Engine Optimization
Copy Writing
Digital Content Strategies
Logo Design
Digital Activity Analysis