idaho seoDo you got the SEO’s? Did you put the keywords into the tags?
Even people who have NO idea what search engine optimization is know they need it! But what even IS SEO?

At its very essence search engine optimization (SEO) is making sure that your website presents the content it contains in the correct technical formats for the search engines to add to their results when people search. This includes things like loading times, frequency of updates, the content of the site itself, as well as a myriad of other factors — there is no ONE thing that will magically make a site show up on the top of Google any time someone searches.

Beyond the basics of having your website built in a technically correct fashion, on-going SEO efforts are part of what help your business website rise to the top of page one. These things can include tasks like frequent blog writing, adjusting the tags on your website, as well as creating networks of incoming and outgoing links.

People have come to trust search engines.
They will search Google – and youtube – for answers to their problems and for information on the companies they are considering long before they will use that same phone to call. By having your company well established online in search engine results it helps grow that trust even more.